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Yeditepe University, Cognitive Science Master's Program is happy to announce its next lecture:

Automated Video Generation From Internet Content Using Semantic Web Technologies

Murat Kalender
Wednesday March 13th, 16:30
A-442 Engineering Building

Web content nowadays can also be accessed through new generation Internet Connected TVs. However these products failed to change users' behavior for consuming online content. Users still prefer their personal computers instead of their TVs when they access Web content. Certainly, most of the online content is still designed to be presented with a personal computer or mobile devices. In order to overcome usability problem of Web content consumption on TVs, the Videolization project is proposed. Videolization is a knowledge graph based automated video generation system that automatically converts Turkish and English textual Web content into videos using Semantic Web and Computer Graphics based technologies. As a use case, Wikipedia articles are automatically converted into videos. Visualization of text content is the key challenge in the proposed system. To address this problem, a template based visualization algorithm is proposed, which leverages DBpedia as a knowledge graph and TagMe as an entity linking system. The effectiveness of the proposed system is validated empirically through opinion surveys. Evaluations show that the proposed system has a satisfactory video generation performance. Forty two percent of survey users indicated that they would like to use our system to consume Web content on their TVs and smart devices, and 50% of them find the generated videos enjoyable.


Murat Kalender is a Data Scientist at Ignite Technologies and part-time lecturer at Yeditepe University since 2018. He received his B.S. and Ph.D. Degrees in Computer Engineering from Yeditepe University in 2007 and 2016, respectively and MSc degree in Computer Engineering from Bogazici University in 2010. His research interests include natural language processing, semantic web, and machine learning.


Photo Credit: Douglas Gordon

Ne Zaman:: 
Wednesday, 13 March, 2019 - 16:30