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Specific Admission Requirements: The degree program is open to candidates who are proficient in English and have taken their BA degree in English language and literature or to graduates of appropriate disciplines, who demonstrate an ability for intensive literary study in a written examination followed by an interview given by the Department. Those, whose knowledge of English literature is not considered adequate, will be required to take preparatory courses at undergraduate level on a non-credit basis, usually for a period of up to two terms. The time thus spent will not be deducted from the maximum period for fulfilling the requirements of the MA degree.


Institute of Social Sciences requirements for the acceptance in the MA program:

  •  Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  •  For Research Master’s degree programs (Master’s degree programs with thesis), the minimum required ALES score is 55. (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted). Candidates who do not have ALES certificate at the application date may register as a "Conditional student".
  • For English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 and minimum required TOEFL score is 66 (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted).


Specific Arrangement for Recognition of Prior Learning: A successful student who has completed at least half a year in the graduate program of a different higher education institution may be admitted to graduate programs by means of intrafaculty transfer.  Admission quota and conditions by means of intrafaculty transfer are agreed upon by the Senate.


Graduation Requirements:

Students must complete a total of 30 credits and submit a dissertation of 20.000 – 30.000 words. For students who have completed their M.A. education the grade point average has to be 2.50 for them to be able to graduate. Once the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications attained, graduate degree is achieved in the field of English Literature. 

Students who successfully complete education in the program they are enrolled, are given diplomas. The titles on the diplomas are decided by the Senate. Signatures of the Rector, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences are on the diplomas given at the end of graduate education, and those of the Rector and Head of Vocational College are on the diplomas given at the end of associate degree education. Students who have graduated with High Honours are granted a special document, beside the normal diplomas.



*Exam locations will be declared in the Enlish Language and Literature Department in the Fine Arts Faculty, 8th Floor.