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Application Process

For the pre-registration application, please fill in the form at the link (http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/). The required documents (* below) should be submitted in a single closed envelope to the Yeditepe University Business Administration Student Affairs Office for the month of August between 09:00- 13:00 and 14:00-17:00 hours (Faculty of Law Building, 6th Floor, Room 644).

The required English level for admission to the English Business Administration Program is TOEFL IBT 66 or YDS / YOKDIL 55. The validity of these exams is five years. The requirement to take these exams and related scores is also valid for candidates who have graduated from undergraduate or graduate English medium programs of Turkish or foreign universities.

Yeditepe University graduate or undergraduate applicants are also required to submit the language exam results and other application documents in full.

The Business Administration Ph.D. Program does not have an English language preparation program. For this reason, only candidates who are certified with required English proficiency may apply to the business administration doctorate program. Candidates who do not have a certificate in the direction of the new YÖK language regulation will not be admitted to the "Special Student" status.

Candidates who documented their proficiency in English will be subject to written and oral scientific exams in English. These exams will be held in the "Faculty of Law" building at Yeditepe

University Kayışdağı Campus.

Candidates who pass the written examination will be invited to the oral exam. The oral exam will be held from 10:00 am on the days to be announced.

Candidates will be admitted to the exams based on their expertise ("track") and their surnames. The results of these examinations and the documents requested from the candidates will be evaluated together and the candidates qualified to participate in the program will be determined.

Required Documents for pre-registration application:

(Note: Please refer to "Documents required for final registration" below for the required documents and minimum requirements during final registration)

Application Form (You can fill this form online at the Institute of Social Sciences website)

Photocopy of ALES or GMAT Exam Result Document

Photocopy of English Examination Result Certificate

Bachelor's and Master's degree diploma photocopies

Photocopies of Official Undergraduate and Master’s degree Transcripts

English Curriculum Vitae and 2 Academic Reference Letters

Copy of Military Status or Discharge Certificate

Required Documents for Final Registration

ALES or GMAT Exam Result Certificate (original). ALES Equal Weight Score minimum 55. Five years validity period is required for the ALES and GMAT certificate.

English Exam Result Certificate; TOEFL IBT 66 / YDS 55 (Five years validity period will be required for these documents)

Notarized copies of Undergraduate and Graduate Diplomas

T.C. Diploma equivalence certificate from YÖK for T.C. citizens who studied abroad.

Bachelor's and Master's degree Transcripts  (Original or notarized copies)

4 Photos

Certificate of residence

Proof of identity card (notary approved)

Military Status Document (original or the photocopy document of discharge or postponement

Documents Required from Foreign Nationals:

In addition to the notarized Turkish translation of the documents listed above, the following documents are required during the final registration from foreign nationals:

Photocopy of the relevant passport pages.

Photocopy of the relevant pages of your residence permit.

Bachelor's and Master's degree transcripts (original).

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