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Considering the cost, speed, and  security advantages, 40 % of the total world cargo in terms of value (not weight) is transported by Air. Therefore, the Aviation dimension of Logistics, which is one of the top three emerging sectors in the 21st. Century, is gaining more importance and attention.

Due to the geographically advantageous location of Turkey, more than 50 world metropolises are at most only three hours away from Istanbul, which puts our country in a very attractive transit Hub position,not only in passenger but also in cargo transportation.

Annually, around 200 billion ton-kilometres of cargo is transported around the world by air, which translates into 5.3 trillion dollars of goods circulation. Since international Cargo, which constitutes 75% of this total, is moved in the Europe-Middle East-Africa-Asia axis, due to its position at the centre of this axis Turkey is placed in a very favorable position.

The programme focuses on air transportation industry dynamics, cargo transport on various aircraft types , argo classifications, cargo rates and calculations, pricing, price elasticities, intermodal and multimodal transport, consolidation in transport, intermediaries, relations management, strategies and industry Dynamics. The students are, therefore, equipped by the end of the programe with the qualifications required to fill positions in the industry in logistics companies, airlines, airports and related public and private aviation institutions.     

Courses take place between 19:00-22:00 in weekdays.

Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a degree in  "Master of International Trade and Logistics".

  • According to YÖK regulations, the maximum completion time for the Non-Thesis program is 3 semesters, for the Thesis program the maximum is 6 semesters (of which at most 4 semesters to complete the courses).
Monday, 19 March, 2018 - 12:27
According to Academic Calendar for 2018 Spring semester, Withdrawal (W) applications deadline: March 23, 2018, Last day of classes: May 18, 2018, Deadline for the submission of final grades: May 29, 2018, Deadline for the submission of Resit Examinations’ grades :...