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The primary mission of the Yeditepe University Graduate Program in Cognitive Science is to engage researchers from the disciplines of Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, Philosophy, Neurology and Anthropology to contribute to the development of cognitive sciences in Turkey as a consciousness of the human mind. Cognitive Science aims to create such questions that have not emerged in traditional studies in order to understand the functioning of the human mind / brain and to produce answers using new approaches to these questions. Our program provides students with different backgrounds with an education of scientific knowledge and research techniques on the subfields of cognitive sciences, enabling students to carry forward the knowledge they have gained at least in two areas and to integrate different perspectives of the different disciplines. Students who are trained in the Cognitive Science Master's Program are able to interact with the researchers in the related departments as knowledge-holders in areas outside the field where they have undergraduate studies, while acquiring information on the theoretical and empirical qualities of the disciplines that constitute the cognitive sciences.


Increasing the recognition and awareness of Yeditepe University constitutes the priority vision of the Graduate Program in Cognitive Science. It is also an important part of our vision that strengthening the program with the anticipation that the field of Cognitive Science will be an important area of science world in the near future in the light of today's data, and the prominence of both the Yeditepe University and the departments and researchers who make up the Graduate Program of Cognitive Science. To create a basis for disciplinary communication and cognitive sciences research that is created by bringing together academicians who are continuing education and research activities in the fields of psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, anthropology and neurology and to provide a foundation to meet the academic potentials that are scattered in the field of cognitive sciences in Turkey. To obtain an internationally recognized and respected position with thesis and other scientific studies to be carried out within the scope of the Cognitive Science program.