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Reason for Opening of the Program: Human resources management is one of the most affected areas of the globalizing world. Understanding the importance of human beings in our world where changing company structures and talent battles take place and attributing the importance it deserves, brings the Human Resources Management Unit and Human Resources Managers to the forefront, and even carries them to the top management and decision centers of the enterprise. Human resources management of enterprises has an important role in strategic management and execution of decisions. The roles and effectiveness of the managers in this process have become increasingly important in revealing the differences and superiorities of the enterprises in the competition and at the same time ensuring the job satisfaction, loyalty and working peace of the employees. It is also expected that human resources staff will have the skills to help employees to maximize their performance as well as perform basic functions such as hiring, dismissal, and evaluating employees, and contribute to the success of these institutions. The Human Resources Management Master's Program aims to support those who want to pursue a career in this field, what are the new trends, what they should do and develop their competencies in strategic management in the enterprises.


This program aims to educate managers and academicians who are entrepreneurs, dynamic and analytical thinking, who are masters of comparative human resources management discipline, and to gain competencies that will enable human resources to take part in strategic management; this course aims to make human resources management ready for every level of business life by explaining the place, functions, and features of human resources management.