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Prof. E. Şule AYDENİZ

Chair, International Business Management (German)

Global economies have made it a necessity for business administration graduates to have an international profile, and as such the study of business has had to fall in with the globalization process as well. The curriculum of International Business Management (German) has been developed accordingly in order to orientate the program towards the disciplines of German universities, and aims to accomodate its graduates as sought-after employees for the over 4200 German companies active in Turkey. The German-language program, as well as the intensive study of the English language over four years, makes it possible for our graduates to succeed in international companies while also ensuring their flexibility in the business field. Students without any prior knowledge of the German language begin the German Language Preparatory School as determined by their level (A or B Level), and upon successfully finishing the preparatory school, can begin their studies in either fall or spring semesters.

Our department has Erasmus agreements with 18 universities in Austria and Germany, and dual diploma agreements with 3 universities, also in Austria and Germany. In the framework of these agreements, we recommend that our students study abroad in one of these universities for at least one semester and broaden their horizons; devoting two semesters to these universities is also highly recommended, as it allows our students to qualify for and acquire their Dual Diploma.

We believe that it is a necessity for universities to not merely orient themselves towards, but also be in direct cooperation with, the business world. To that end, we  frequently conduct inquiries regarding the expectations of our business-world representative partners and graduates, and seek to update our program according to their suggestions from time to time. This is why we also recommend to our students that, before they graduate, they familiarize themselves with the business world by means of a compulsory internship period, either in Turkey or abroad. In addition to this compulsory period, we also commend further volunteer internships. Our goal is not to merely endow our students with theoretical information, but to bring forward individuals who can build theory into practice, as they comprehend the connections between them, see the ‘bigger picture’, possess strong communicative skills, and act accordingly to social imperatives. As a result of this vision, we are pleased to observe our graduates, possessed of knowledge and skill, take responsibility in various fields of both domestic and international businesses.

Prospective students interested in the program can contact us via telephone at (+90) 216 578 07 39.