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The global economy evolved through agricultural and industrial societies and reached a new phase where information societies is of high importance. Today, information is power and changing at a rapid pace, driven by science and technology. It is crucial to simultaneously incorporate this change to professional life at the national and international level. Yeditepe University Graduate School of Social Sciences, founded 25 years ago (in 1996), is the largest and most experienced institution among the foundation universities providing post-graduate education in Turkey.

We invite prospective students to join our graduate degree programs which allow interdisciplinary collaborations in an open-innovation environment and in the presence of valuable scholarly resources. We offer multidisciplinary, theoretical and applied courses thought by experts in their field, from academia as well as from private industry.   

Why Yeditepe University Graduate School of Social Sciences?

  • We are the most experienced foundation university, with approximately 4000 current students and around 8000 graduates, offering 37 master’s degree and 15 Ph.D. programs in the field of social sciences.
  • 1797 master theses and 187 doctoral dissertations are submitted by our graduates.
  • We offer our students a high quality graduate education on a modern campus with 223,000 square meters of indoor area, 147 laboratories and 24 seminar rooms.
  • Our extensive social facilities cover 4 restaurants, 7 cafes, 1 tennis court, 2 indoor basketball courts, 1 outdoor and 1 indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool; providing social opportunities to our students.