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Graduate School of Social Sciences Application and Final Registration Stages

* The online registration application form is filled in at http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/ by the student candidate.
 Registration documents must be uploaded to the online application system. Click for the list of registration documents.

* Our student candidates who apply to our graduate programs online are notified of their department evaluation criteria via e-mail.
 Our student candidates who apply to our PhD programs online are notified of their science exam and interview information via e-mail.

* The registration documents of the candidates who are entitled to register are checked, the student number is defined, OBS username, password and payment information are notified by e-mail.
Student candidates who have uploaded their documents missing cannot be registered.

* Students who make the payment must activate their registration by submitting their bank receipt to financial affairs.
* The student whose registration has been activated can complete the course registration process on the course selection dates from http://obs.yeditepe.edu.tr/.
Course registration (selection) dates are stated in the graduate academic calendar. Click to reach the academic calendar.