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About Department

The importance of Logistics Management and International Trade increases day by day. Logistic process is no longer perceived as a secondary important function for enterprises. It has now become an essential function of operations. The rapid growth of the sector has increased the need for qualified personnel in this area. Thus academic staff to educate such people is also required.

The courses in our program are held between 19:00-22:00 on week days, the hours being suitable for working candidates.

Maximum graduation time for Ph.D:  4 semester courses + 8 semester thesis, totally 12 semester.

Requirements for graduation for Ph.D:  7 courses + 1 Seminar, proficiency exam, Thesis.

Vision Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure our graduates to enter the global markets and to acquire positions in well-established international companies and educational institutions. And also to sustain the desire of involvement in innovative projects in their work life.

Our Mission

We aim to graduate young manager and academic candidates, who have attained the ability of thinking analytically, and are also well skilled in the basic principles and strategies of International trade and logistics management.

Terms Application

The candidates should have:

•          Masters degree (with thesis) from one of the departments of International Logistics and Transportation, Economics, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Industrial/ Systems Engineering from a Turkish University or an equivalent degree received outside of Turkey endorsed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK),

•          Achieved the required grades in the proficiency exam and interviews, which are made by the department,

•          A minimum score of 55 (equal weight or quantitative) from the Turkish Academic and Graduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES),  a minumum score of GRE 610 ( Quantitative) or a minumum score of GMAT 450 is required,

•          A minimum score of (min 55)  YDS or YÖKDİL  taken within the last five years, or TOEFL (min 66) taken within the last two years is required. 

The online applications can be done from the website: 



Monday, 19 March, 2018 - 12:21
According to Academic Calendar for 2018 Spring semester, Withdrawal (W) applications deadline: March 23, 2018, Last day of classes: May 18, 2018, Deadline for the submission of final grades: May 29, 2018, Deadline for the submission of Resit Examinations’ grades :...