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Maximum graduation Time

Ph.D : 4 semester classes + 8 semester thesis so 12 semester.

Master+Ph.D : 6 semester classes + 8 semester thesis so 14 semester.

Requirements for graduation from Program

Ph.D: 7 classes + 1 Seminar, proficiency exam, Thesis.

Master+Ph.D: 14 classes + 1 Seminar, proficiency exam, Thesis.


Process of PhD Programme

Students who successfully complete the Master's Program can apply to the doctoral program. Candidates must be successful in the written and / or oral exam to be admitted to the program by the department. In doctoral education, students take 7 doctoral courses. Students who successfully complete these courses are entitled to take the doctoral proficiency exam to be held at least six months after the end of the courses. Students who pass the doctorate proficiency exam in the field of public or private law, select a doctoral thesis subject under the supervision of a faculty member and write a doctoral thesis in the subject.

There is another integrated doctorate program application besides the doctorate education after master's education. In this doctorate program, students can apply for a doctorate program without a master's degree. In this program, the student graduation average must be at least 3.00 / 4.00 and the ALES score must be EA 80. In addition, the student candidate must succeed in the written and / or oral exam of the department together with other candidates. It is essential that the students who will be admitted to the Doctorate Program know English well as well as the success of the Science Exam.

Lectures and seminars are preferably given at evening hours on weekdays and in the afternoon on Saturdays, however, sometimes certain lectures may be given between 16.00-19.00 on weekdays. It is known that especially foreigner lecturers prefer  to give lectures as “block class”. Accordingly, a guest professor, who comes İstanbul for one week, may complete a fifteen hour class module by giving lectures for three hours everyday. These lectures are given between 16.00-19.00.

A limited number of candidates are accepted  to the PhD programme. The ones who are interested should make pre-registration to Yeditepe University Law Faculty and Social Science Institution.

Bachelor degree diploma, transcript, ALES Exam Result, Military Service Situation document, Copy of ID Card, Residence Certificate and 6 headshots are required for registration. During the registration, the candidate delivers a list of courses selected by him/her to  Programme Management. Courses which will be taken by the candidate are approved by the Academic Advisor.

Seminars and courses are given with a limited number of participants. The courses which are selected by at least 8 applicants are opened in a relevant academic year.

• With a three-dimensional approach in various fields of domestic/foreign and global law,

• With the superior experience and qualifications of the instructors,

• Realistic and practical content based on the diversity of courses, case studies and contemporary judicial decisions,

• With the rich and up-to-date collection of the Central Library,

• Allows the development of students.

However, the success of students is based on these facts:

• Attending courses as well as  learning consciousness, willingness and honesty,

• Seeking a broad perspective, a comparative and analytical approach to issues,

• Transferring their knowledge, opinions and experiences to instructors and friends in a participatory, shared environment, either individually or jointly,

• Ultimately, specialising by making the necessary synthesis

Post-Program Facilities

  1. Our graduates are working as a lawyer in Turkey's largest law firm.
  2. Our graduate, who won the final exam and took the first place of the success list, is an example of our success in the judgeship and prosecution exams.
  3. We have many lawyers graduates enrolled in the New York Bar Association.
  4. Our graduates in many law schools works as academicians.

For alumnis’ views: www.gelecegiplanla.com

Basic Principles

The courses and  instructors of the any education period are determined by Institue of Social Science after  identifying the requirements. According to demand level of any course, during add/drop period, Institute management can cancel or postpone these courses.

The number of courses that a student can take was limited to seven for both spring and fall term. However, taking one more course can be approved by Institute  as a result of joint assessments of success level and forcing reason

If the advisor and teacher approve, student can withdraw from a course by the end of the second week when the courses of spring and fall term started. Withdrawing from a course is not possible after  1th October 2008.Except for accepted force majeure by Institute Management, student cannot select another course instead of dropped course.

Attendance to all courses is compulsory. However, absenteeism which is not more than 30 percent in theoretic  courses,20 percent in applied courses is  tolerated.

A student taking education in program with or without thesis must have 2.50/4 (GPRS)- grade point average -which correspond to CB (as letter grade)- in order to be regarded as a successful student for all courses.If student does not match the aimed level  and if she/he  demands increasing the average, the Institute allows him/her to repeat  the course in which a D (letter grade) was given.