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As Yeditepe University Department of Turkish Language and Literature, we are proud to have started the Doctoral Program in Modern Turkish Literature following the Master's Program in Comparative Literature.

The undergradute program in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature and the Comparative Literature MA Program have been educating teachers and researchers in the field since 1996 and 2006, respectively.

We strongly believe that the Modern Turkish Literature Doctoral Program will lead the way for researchers to bring new perspectives and excitement to the study on Turkish literature.

Our experienced and well-equipped academic staff gives us the confidence and hope needed for a program of high quality with universal standards. We know exactly what to do, where to walk, what to reach.

We have created our curriculum in a fashion that extends to all subfields of Modern Turkish literature and that establishes connections with social sciences and humanities. Moreover, considering that language plays a key role in the formation of literary work, an emphasis on contemporary approaches to language and linguistics has been given in our curriculum. The main objective of the Doctoral Program in Modern Turkish Literature is to sharpen researcher candidates’ skills on research, interpretation, analysis and criticism.

We're ambitious, and we derive our strength from our deep-rooted institutional background, our competent academic staff, and, above all, our great passion for learning.