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About Department

Aim of the Plastic Arts Doctoral Program is to educate students as artists by training them through different disciplines according to the interdisciplinary properties of contemporary art. The appropriate environment is offered to help students comprehend theoretical and practical issues of different disciplines, enabling them to evaluate and create original works and concepts.

Vision Mission

The program's main concerns are; art education, based on mental development in artistic creativity, advancement of individual talent, and the improvement of self-discipline. With this respect, the educational program, providing a free environment, encourages creativity and mental development to question artistic values, while it aims the development of self-discipline with an intensive practice. With a modern approach to education, large studios and exhibition opportunities are provided. Students can progress inside a complete art environment.

Terms Application

Having a minimum score of 55 or higher from any ALES score type.
To have YÖKDİL, YDS score of 55, or TOEFL score of 66 for English language proficiency in the last five years.
Applicants will take the skill exam and interview exam.