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About Department

     Economics is defined as the science that studies the ways in which individuals, firms and societies, confronted with unlimited aims and desires, allocate their scarce resources to fulfill these competing ends. In that sense, economics covers a wide range of topics, ranging from utility and profit maximization of individuals and firms to markets and domestic and international issues and problems.

    The M.A. Program in Economics is for students who would like to further their understanding of economics and/or specialize in certain areas of economic analysis. It is tailored for students with different educational backgrounds and professional objectives. Students can specialize in public finance, monetary economics and international finance and trade by taking the various courses offered by the department.

     Graduation Requirements: Students who already hold an Economics Degree (B.A. or B.S.) are required to successfully complete 6 area courses + Methodology and Ethics + Seminar. Students who successfully complete course work are eligible to write their thesis. Total ECTS of the program is 144.

     Maximum Duration of Graduation: All the students are required to fulfill coursework in 4 semesters. Additional 2 semesters are given to write the thesis. The maximum duration of the program is, therefore, 6 terms (3 full years).

     For the detailed course descriptions click "Courses" link.

Terms of Application

     Candidates who plan to apply for the MA Program in Economics should:

     -  be graduates of a four year higher education institution in Turkey; if the undergraduate degree is not from a Turkish university, be graduates of a four year higher education institution accredited by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) of Turkey.

     -  get a score of at least 55 from the Academic Personnel and Post-Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) taken in the last five years (ALES requirement is waived for programs without thesis).

     -  be successful in the English placement exam administered by Yeditepe University, or score at least 55 on the Foreign Language Examinations, YDS or YOKDIL, (administered by the ÖSYM in Turkey) or 66 on TOEFL taken within the last five years. Candidates who fail Yeditepe University’s English placement exam or score a lower point on the other mentioned exams, begin their graduate education after the completion of their language education at Yeditepe University.

     -  Candidates who fulfill the requirements stated above and are considered to be successful in the interview held by the Department of Economics will be accepted to the program.

Vision Mission

     Our target group is students who are interested in the developments of the Turkish and the world economy, and are reconciled with mathematics and numerical methods.

    The main aim of the program is to provide the students with the necessary equipment for the private sector, bureaucracy, banking and finance sector. The advanced economics and econometrics courses constitute the cornerstones of the program.

     In order to enable the students entering the program to become more specialized; elective courses in the fields of international economics, finance, game theory, international economic policy, economic development and history os economic thought are also included in the program.