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Our aim: Nationally and Internationally Competent Communicators

We aim to raise individuals who can manage qualified communication in the world, where the latest developments in communication technologies eliminate the physical distances between people, and in a sense, where everyone hears, sees and shares their feelings with each other. We aim to prepare world-class communication experts who produce creative solutions by thinking analytically, who are self-confident, who adhere to ethical rules, and who act with the awareness of their individual and social responsibilities.

General Information: Who are we?

The Department of Public Relations and Publicity, which started its education and training activities in 1996 with the founding presidency of Prof. Dr. Ayseli Usluata, is among the most preferred departments of students in Turkey today.

With its staff consisting of academicians who have proven themselves at national and international level and leading names in the sector, our department provides education to more than 400 students; continues its success with domestic and international events and awards that increase every year. We continue to bring industry-leading experts with students through lectures and/or seminars. As a Department that attaches importance to social and cultural ties, it is one of our goals to develop good neighborly relations with Kayışdağı and its surroundings through social responsibility projects.

Our department makes different programs and agreements to improve students' international understanding and increase their experience. Erasmus and Exchange agreements are increasing every year and we host students and lecturers from various countries. Our students also do part of their education abroad with these exchange programs.

Our professors continue to participate in international conferences and present papers with the awareness that our department should show international characteristics. Global Media Journal Turkish Edition, which is one of the 17 versions of the international academic journal Global Media Journal indexed by leading databases, has been published by our Department since 2010.

Why Public Relations? Why Yeditepe?

Conducts research on public relations, one of the basic fields of communication sciences, perceptions, attitudes and expectations in public opinion; plans and implements activities according to their results. By developing internal communication, it leads the creation and management of corporate identity and corporate image. Manages media relations to ensure corporate reputation; produces sponsorship and social responsibility projects. Using the opportunities provided by communication technology, it adapts the corporate presence to the virtual environment and develops social media applications.

In today's world, the need for people who can think critically and creatively, work in teams, develop strategies for ordinary and extraordinary situations, have face-to-face communication skills and use communication technologies effectively is increasing. In this context, our department acts with the mission of raising individuals who can analyze and solve problems, who are productive, creative, self-confident, respectful to their environment and aware of their social responsibilities. We are proud of our graduates who work in positions to be proud in the communication sector and carry our goals to a high level. We would like to include you among our prospective students to work in the communication sector, global and national companies, political institutions, bureaucracy and non-governmental organizations.


Our Master's Program, which integrates theory with practice,

  • To get to know themselves better in the communication process;
  • To develop their special interests, knowledge and skills with the elective courses offered;
  • Aiming to prepare for doctoral studies / to contribute more efficiently and consciously to the institutions where they work
  • It is open to university graduates who want to do creative work, research and produce projects in an environment where computer, Internet, multimedia equipment are available.

The Public Relations and Publicity Master's program is open to candidates who have graduated from all undergraduate programs providing 4-year education.

Learning Process

Students who will graduate from the program are expected to take the lead in helping to analyze problems and bring solutions in their institutions by using communication, social theory and research techniques. Our program helps students achieve their individual goals with elective courses. Master's degree candidates are trained to work in different fields based on communication with different elective courses, not only for beginner level tasks, but also to ensure their progress in their fields. Candidates who will turn to academic studies are prepared for the doctoral program with theory-oriented courses and theses they will write. With a small number of students, there is an opportunity to conduct interactive education in each course and students are directed to conduct original research and present their work.


Public Relations and Publicity Master's Program consists of two programs as Thesis and Non-Thesis. In order to complete the program, all students are expected to take two basic and two elective courses of three credits each for two semesters. After successfully completing a total of 21 credits of courses, students who will write a thesis begin to work on a research that will form their master's theses and complete their theses within a year. The Non-Thesis Master's Program is completed on the condition that you take three courses and graduation project courses in addition to the compulsory courses available in the Master's Program with Thesis.


Our vision is to be a program that has a say in both national and international arenas with the education, training and projects it provides in the field of public relations

Our mission aims to train qualified communication experts and future academicians who adopt ethical rules, act with the awareness of their individual and social responsibilities, look at social phenomena and events with a holistic perspective, think critically, produce national and international projects to contribute to society, have leadership qualities, and lead developments in the field of communication.

Terms Application

Terms of Application:

-A bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an institution accredited by the Higher Education Council in Turkey

-For proficiency in English, the minimum required TOEFL score is 66.

-Any test results older than five years as of the application date will not be accepted.

About the language requirement:

-The language of instruction in our program is English.

-Candidates who cannot document their proficiency in English can apply to the English Preparation School at Yeditepe University.

Required documents for the application:

-Bachelor Diploma 

-Undergraduate Transcript 

-A copy of the TOEFL exam result

-A letter of intention (in English)

The letter of intention should include the following:

-State which concentration area you are applying for,

-State whether you are applying for the thesis or non-thesis program,

-Briefly describe your  academic and professional background,

-Provide a statement of your long-term career goals,

-Define your expectations regarding the skills and knowledge you hope to acquire with the master’s program,

-Briefly explain why you want to study in our master’s program.

The application procedure:

-Candidates may apply by filling in the pre-registration application form and uploading the requested documents at http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/

-Candidates should also send the required application documents to the program coordinator (gdalan@yeditepe.edu.tr).

-Accepted candidates should assemble an enrollment file and submit it to the Graduate School Office of Admissions and the Registrar’s Office (located in the Rectorate Building)

-Candidate should pay for the tuition fee and submit the bank receipt to the Financial Affairs Office to activate the registration.

-After the activation of registration, students should get a username and password from the Graduate School Office of Admissions and the Registrar for course enrollment purposes

-Students may enroll online at http://obs.yeditepe.edu.tr/


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