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Dear Alumni of Our Institute,

We will hold our 2023 Graduation Ceremony on 08 July 2023 between 13:00 and 14:00 on our campus.

There will be no stage at the ceremony, no paperwork will be delivered, our students will attend the ceremony from their places.

We welcome all our graduates. Click here to access the alumni list.

*You can access the videos of our ceremonies on our university's Youtube account.

Robe Distribution

• You can receive your robes from the office of belongings between the dates of 19.06.2023 (Monday) and 03.07.2023 (Monday).

After this date, this process will continue from the Robe Distribution Area between 03.07.2023 (Monday) and 08.07.2023 (Saturday).

The working hours are between 09:00-17:00. 

• The Robe Distribution Area is to be situated in an open field at the lower entrance door of the Faculty of Communications in the Building of Fine Arts. (We kindly ask our students not to enter within the periphery of the building)

• The robe set will be delivered in exchange for 500,00 TL and with a till roll paper. This has the approval of the administration. (Cash and Credit Cards are Accepted)

• 500,00 TL is the price for a robe (350,00 TL) and shawl (150,00 TL) caps and badges will be gifted to our graduating students.

• We kindly ask our students to have a black hair grip/bobby pin for them to fasten/pin their caps.

• In order to hasten their processes, our students that will graduate need to register at yeditepenetwork.com before they arrive to purchase their robes.



• We request our students to be present at the ceremony area before the ceremony starts.

• During the ceremony, professional photoshoots will be handled by the İSTEK Photo Film Center. For a smoothly-running ceremony, it is necessary for our families not to leave their places for photoshoots during the ceremony.

• Shoe choices that are suitable to the festival area and the geography and topography of our university would allow the students and their families to move more freely.