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Dear Alumni of Our Institute,

We will hold our 2022 Graduation Ceremony on July 02, 2022 at 18:00 in our campus.

To prevent contact due to the pandemic; there will be no invitation to the stage at the ceremony, no documents will be handed in, and our students will attend the ceremony from their seats.

We expect all our students who are going to graduate. Click here to access the list of graduates.

You can access the videos of our ceremonies on our university's Youtube account.


Gown Distribution:

• Between 08.06.2022 (Monday) - 24.06.2022 (Friday), our gowns will be supplied from the Office of the Procurement Office (male dormitory ground floor); It will continue in the Gown Distribution Area between 27.06.2022 (Monday) - 02.07.2022 (Saturday). Working hours are between 09:00-17:00.

• The Gown Distribution Area will be located in the open area, at the lower entrance door of the Faculty of Communication of the Fine Arts Building. (Students are kindly requested not to enter the building.)

• Gown set; with the approval of the management, a cash register receipt will be cut for 250.00 TL. (Cash and credit card accepted.)

• 250.00 TL is the price of gown (175.00 TL) and shawl (75.00 TL). Caps and badges will be given as gifts to our graduates.

• During the supply of gowns, we kindly ask our students to have black wire buckles with them to fasten their caps.

• In order to make the transactions of the students who will graduate faster; before coming to buy gowns, we recommend that they become a member of the yeditepenetwork.com platform.



• We kindly ask our students to be present at the designated meeting places before the start of the ceremony, before the announced time.

• Professional photography will be done by İSTEK Photo Film Center during the ceremonies. It is important for our families not to leave their places to take photos during the ceremony, so that the ceremonies are carried out without interruption.

• Choosing shoes suitable for the festival area and the geographical structure of our University will enable our graduate students and their families to move more easily.