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Dear Students,

Courses offered in Fall 2021 are listed below. You must register for the courses from the OBS system during the course registration period stated in the academic calendar on the Yeditepe University website.  All classes will be held on campus between 19:00 and 22:00. The details regarding day, time, instructor and classroom location for the courses will be available in the OBS system once the registration period starts.

The FE 698 course must be taken with your thesis advisor.  Before registering for FE 698, you must first obtain approval from the relevant faculty member to become your thesis advisor.  At the time of registration for FE 698, you should specifically select the FE698 section of your thesis advisor, and  state in the message box, which is on the top left corner of the registration page in the OBS system, that the instructor XXX has accepted to be your thesis advisor.  In FE698, you will start working towards your thesis with your thesis advisor. It is recommended that, at minimum, you aim to create a conference paper at the end of this course.

2021 Fall Semester Courses:

FE 602 Advanced Financial Econometrics

FE 603 Advanced Optimization Models in Economics and Finance

FE 533 Economics and Financial Systems of Emerging Markets

FE 605 Advanced Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory

FE 611 Advanced Financial Risk Analysis and Management

FE 635 Research Methods and Ethics

FE 698 Seminar

FE 699 Thesis

We wish you a happy, safe and successful semester.