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About Department

As we entered the 21st century, mass communication has developed in a tremendously fast pace and gained an esteemed spot in our social relations. Media as much as influences the development process, is also influenced by it. Academic studies, which are realized in order to point out the domain linked to media covering the areas such as political and economic interests, ideological marketing, consciousness management, have an important and growing role in social sciences. Field of media studies - that focus on theories and research within contexts of history, economy, politics, and culture - is an interdisciplinary field of social sciences.

Media, as a research subject, requires a comprehensive analysis due to its influence on every measure of our social relations. Thus, research conducted in this field depends on a thorough review on a vast domain consisting economy, politics, culture and ideology within the context of theoretical background and methodologies specific to media studies. Therefore, Yeditepe University Media Studies Doctoral Program is built with compulsory and elective courses which allow students to analyze media as a part of a social system while providing them a concrete scientific basis that would guide them as they contribute to the scientific field with the academic studies they conduct.

Students who have completed their educations need to take courses which are

  • 4 Compulsory
  • 3 Free Elective
  • 1 Seminar (Non-Credit)
  • Thesis Proposal, Ph.D Qualifying Exam, and Thesis

in order to graduate from program. Doctoral program would be completed with 21 Yeditepe credits and 240 ECTS credits.  Doctoral program is minimum 4 years (eight semesters), maximum 6 years (twelve semesters) in length. Students who successfully complete their courses, graduate with a thesis.

Students who complete Media Studies doctoral program may progress in the academic field or find a prestigious professional post in the media business.

Vision Mission


The mission of Media Studies doctoral programme is to create a research field together with other related diciplines and to train future academics to be able to analyze the social reality from different and critical perspectives. Together with the radio television cinema master programme the media studies programme has also aims to improve academic researchs in other diciplines.


To contribute significant research to field of media studies and to be a nationally and internationallly recognized programme.

Terms Application

1) To apply for a PhD Programme;

  • Graduate from an undergraduate program related to Media Studies,
  • Have a master degree (with thesis) from the graduate program in Social Sciences,
  • Having a minimum 55 or more exam results from any type of ALES. (The validity period of the exam is five years.)
  • In order to be exempted from the English language examination, 55 points from YÖKDİL, YDS or E-YDS must be taken within the last five years, or 66 from TOEFL IBT must be taken within the last two years.

2) Candidates must also be successful in the written and oral exams given by faculty members.

3) Documents to be submitted by the candidates for this assessment:

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Letter of Intent
  • Two reference letters
  • ALES document
  • English language proficiency score
  • Transcript


For detailed information about Media Studies Bologna Information Package; National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey (NQF-HETR) and the courses;

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