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About Department

Yeditepe University offers Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) for those who would like to positively differentiate themselves in their career development. Yeditepe Executive MBA program intends to support the needs and expectations of our students to achieve their career advancements in the special concentration area of strategic management and leadership. In that respect, we define main characteristics of our Executive MBA graduates as:

  • Business strategist
  • Decision maker
  • Change manager
  • Multicultural negotiator
  • System designer
  • Collaborator
  • Leader


The design of the Executive MBA curriculum is built on the competencies of world class business leadership. We believe that our students aiming high, need to develop their top management qualifications and competencies. For that reason we have discussed our program with the professionals in our industry consulting board and also examined the literature related to the world class business leadership characteristics (Kock and Slabbert, 2003) World Class Business Leader Characteristics can be listed as follow:

  • Shared vision and strategic direction
  • content and meaning of the strategic vision;
  • inspirational value of the vision; and
  • clarity of strategic direction.
  • Empowerment climate
  • authority to take decisions;
  • ability to influence decision making;
  • reward for innovation and risk taking;
  • reward for supporting positive changes;
  • involvement in important change initiatives; and
  • access to and relevance of information pertaining to the transformation of the organization.
  • Capacity for change
  • readiness assessment and relevant interventions to address issues;
  • clarity and planning regarding core competencies to function in world-class organizations; and
  • interventions to assist employees to deal effectively with the emotional effects of change.
  • World-class quality and service delivery mindset
  • quality product, environmental orientation, cost price leadership; and
  • exceeding customer expectations and building value adding partnerships

Yeditepe MBA has a long tradition of graduate education in Business Administration with almost 4.000 graduates since 1996. We believe that the real accreditation of any graduate program is the accumulation of the successes of their graduates in the professional life.Our world-class faculty members from diverse backgrounds provide a balance of theory and practice in the execution of the curriculum. In addition to our faculty members, professors from well recognized universities worldwide, distinguished experts from the business world will bring their expertise and knowledge to the Executive MBA classrooms.We strive to instill exceptional strategic management and leadership competencies for those aiming high. Executive MBA program is specially designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives on an advanced career path.

Vision Mission


The MBA program prepares our graduates to become competent global managers and leaders of integrity who add value and contribute to the socio-economic development of our community and society.


The core mission of Yeditepe MBA programs is to provide our students with the latest required managerial knowledge, tools and techniques; educate our students to acquire broad managerial skills and competencies to support their successful careers in the global business environment; help them become competitive and entrepreneurial managers and leaders with their strategic and systems thinking abilities; and help them acquire learning to learn skills and ethical and social responsibility values.


Terms Application

Entrance Requirements:

The information below outlines the general entrance requirements for the Yeditepe Executive MBA program.

The candidates are expected to have;

  • Four year university degree from Turkish University or an equivalent degree received from a abroad university endorsed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) of Turkey,
  • For English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 and minimum required TOEFL score is 66 (Test results older than two years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted).
  • Minimum work experience of five years

The candidates who cannot meet English proficiency requirements can apply for the English preparation program.

Necessary Documents for registration:

  • A copy of Bachelor Diploma (Notarized Turkish translation of their documents)
  • Transcript (Notarized Turkish translation of their documents)
  • ALES exam result (not required for non-thesis master program)
  • English language exemption certificate (YDS, YÖKDİL or TOEFL)
  • Equivalency Diploma Certificate approved by YÖK (for Turkish Citizens who study abroad)
  • ID card / Passport ( Original and a copy)
  • Certificate of Residence
  • 4 Passport Photos
  • Deferred from military service or certificate of exemption from military service (for Turkish male citizens who study abroad)

Statement of Purpose:

The Statement of Purpose helps us to evaluate the motivation and background of a Executive MBA candidate.

The document is expected to include the following items.

  • ·Briefly describe your professional, academic and relevant personal background.
  • ·Provide a statement of your long-term career goals.Define your expectations regarding the skills and knowledge you hope to acquire with the Executive MBA
  • ·Why Yeditepe Executive MBA?

Please note that professional writing rules and format is required. Organize your letter where each section is outlined and elaborated as well as spell checked. It is expected to complete state of purpose maximum in three pages.

For the related questions contact us from emba@yeditepe.edu.tr