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About Department

Agricultural Trade and Management Non-Thesis Master's Program has an interdisciplinary structure covering the fields of business, international trade, economy, marketing, agriculture, information systems, biotechnology and food. Our aim is to convey the necessary information for sustainable agriculture, food and economy to our students; can combine basic agricultural and soil knowledge with economic and trade knowledge for the needs of our country; thereby raising individuals who can raise agricultural trade and management in our country to the level of developed countries. For this purpose, our students are competent in modern agriculture and business techniques that will reduce our country's dependence on foreign sources; able to analyze data through scientific methods; has the ability to solve problems and develop projects in all chains based on agriculture and agricultural economy; dominates the concept of blockchain; Our main goal is to train individuals with high ethical values. Our graduates will be equipped to create added value in agriculture and trade, and to follow technological applications in the world and in our country; They will contribute to the agricultural sector as individuals who add value to our country in the fields of production, application and research.

Vision Mission


Our primary mission is to provide training for individuals who can compete at the international level in the field of agriculture, who can produce creative solutions to the problems of our country, who are sensitive to universal values ​​and who have internalized professional ethics, who can conduct research at the international level, and at the same time to produce and disseminate the information needed by the national and international society in these fields.


Priority vision of the deparment is to raise researchers, creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are in need of society with international quality education and to create an environment that provides lifelong education for the society.

Terms of Application

  • Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
  • For English language proficiency (It is necessary to have 55 points from YDS, eYDS or YÖKDİL exams entered in the last five years, or 66 points from ToEFL IBT entered in the last two years, or to have graduated from an undergraduate program whose language of instruction is 100% English. Candidates who do not meet these requirements must obtain a score of 50 and above from the English level exam organized by Yeditepe University. Candidates who are successful in the level exam are exempted from the English preparatory program and can start the classes directly. Those who have scored less than 50 points in our English level exam are required to take beginner, intermediate and advanced English preparatory education and complete the English preparatory program according to the score they have received.)
  • Two reference letters about scientific competence
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Intent (Maximum 600 words)

Final registration documents: https://sbe.yeditepe.edu.tr/en/documents-registration

Application and final registration stages: https://sbe.yeditepe.edu.tr/en/documents-registration