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Aim and Goal: The Anthropology program is based on the assumption that an understanding of today's societies requires comprehensive research and analysis of the many complex cultural dynamics, which underlie all societies. The aim of this program is to provide students with the theoretical foundation, research skills, and basic knowledge of different cultures that will enable them to study contemporary social and cultural problems, issues and phenomena from an in-depth and cross-cultural perspective. Anthropology offers a variety of historical and comparative approaches to the comprehension of cultural and physical forms, ranging from the study of human evolution to the development of an understanding of societies and their symbols. The undergraduate program designed to provide the broad multi-disciplinary foundations upon which the discipline rests. Anthropology often leads to careers in research and/or teaching at both universities and museums. Positions in the other social science fields are also options for graduates.

The Degree:  This department is compatible with the 120-ECTS credit first-cycle programme in physics in higher education. One can be the “Master of Arts in Anthropology” after accomplishing the requirements of the programme.

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