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About Department

About Department:

The aim of the program is to train museum and art gallery managers, curators, exhibition managers, festival / biennial managers. The program includes cooperation with museums, non-profit galleries and art institutions, and professional and voluntary work in regional art programs, public art projects and art festivals / biennials. The Master of Arts in Art Management program focuses on developing strategies and managerial skills to increase the value and reliability of organizations.

Has an interdisciplinary perspective in the fields of Art Management and art, and has knowledge of concepts and terms.

Movement, artists, styles, materials used in the fields of Visual Arts and Performing Arts; Has information about the subject and technical features.

Evaluates new formations for art production and structures them culturally and economically.

Students have advanced knowledge of art, culture and aesthetics specific to the field.

Aware of teamwork, it plans the stages of artistic work by convincing professionals in the required positions.

Students learn about the art policies of developed countries that have a leading role in the art sector.

Has the necessary and valid legal knowledge in the field.

It has the equipment to create projects at national and international level and to form a team for this.

Students learn about the sponsorships, donations, copyrights and sales revenues needed to realize cultural and art projects.

Knows about the actors of the arts and culture sectors and recognizes the duties and problems of those working in arts institutions.

Has a basic knowledge of business administration and can associate it with art management.

Has information about the audience profile that follows and visits art institutions and events and uses and develops marketing and public relations methods to increase this number.

Has knowledge in terms of research methods, documentation and archiving.


Application Conditions

To have a bachelor's degree from an institution with national and international equivalence. YÖKDİL, YDS, E YDS 'exams are valid for five years. The TOEFL IBT exam is valid for two years. ALES score is not required.

Required Addresses: You can reach sbeyukseklisans@yeditepe.edu.tr via e-mail for your questions such as technical issues, registration and approval during the program application. For questions about scholarships, payments and financial issues, you can reach mali.destek@yeditepe.edu.tr via e-mail. For all your questions about the Art and Culture Management Master's program
Research Assistant Melike Bayık (melike.bayik@yeditepe.edu.tr)
Research Assistant Öykü Demirci Bacanakgil (oyku.demirci@yeditepe.edu.tr)
you can reach via e-mail.

Vision Mission

Master’s Program in Arts and Cultural Management, offering both thesis and non-thesis programs of
study, aims to professionally prepare the students of the department for business life in the field of
arts and culture industries through a fusion of classes geared towards managerial expertise and
proficiency in art theory. This combination of the practical and theory can be seen in the program’s
curriculum comprised of diverse fields such as cultural management techniques, organizational
structure and personnel management, contemporary art issues, fundraising, curatorial studies,
exhibition design and management, public relations and communications in art and culture,
museum management, gallery management, art writing and criticism, public art, arts law, new
media art NFT and metaverse fields, performing arts management, music industry production and
arts marketing. The curriculum also comprehensively teaches students the stages of formation and
realization of and cultural projects in our rapidly digitalizing world, under the guidance of
experienced academics. In addition, the program includes gallery and museum management,
knowledge of the performing arts, and theoretical understanding of contemporary art and art
theories. Renewed and prepared for the arts and culture sector and contemporary professional
business environment, the curriculum of the program is regularly adjusted according to the most up-
to-date dynamics of the field, preparing students to become capable managers in the field. The Arts
and Cultural Management Masters program is a pioneering program that offers students significant
career opportunities in the vast fields of arts and cultural industries.