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Yeditepe Graduate Conference of Literary Studies: “Rewriting/Revisiting the Past”

Online, 5 June 2021

“I am all for putting new wine in old bottles, especially if the pressure of the new one makes the old bottles explode” notes Angela Carter, revisionist extraordinaire. Rewriting literary texts has been a persistent act of challenging our understanding of the past and reinventing refreshed layers of meaning that have the power to revitalize the old in the present. The aim of this one-day online conference is to invite graduate students to explore ways of reaching towards the past as an act of rewriting, reimagining, and rediscovering experimental ways of storytelling.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Retellings of canonical texts

Mythical retellings and adaptations

Historical fiction

Revising/Revisiting history

Theories of adaptation/theorizing adaptation

Re-imagining/Rewriting various types of fiction and genres

Originality and artistry in adaptation

Television/stage/film adaptations of literary classics

Remakes, sequels, reboots

(The politics of) remembering, memory and nostalgia


Narrative approaches to the past

Afterlives of characters or authors



Historiographic metafiction

Historical narratives in comics, film, and games

Redefining identities through revisionist discourse

Reinventing tropes and stereotypes

The social, political, cultural implications of rewriting

When and how to submit:

We welcome proposals up to 250 words including the author’s name, institutional affiliation, discipline, and a brief biographical note. Proposals should be sent by April 30, 2021 to yagmur.tatar@yeditepe.edu.tr or aysegul.ernur@yeditepe.edu.tr. Conference presentations should be in English, and will be allocated 20 minutes each, plus 10 minutes for discussion. Please send your submissions as Word attachments. 

Proposal deadline: April 30, 2021

Abstract Notification of Acceptance: May 3, 2021 

Programme Notification: May 15, 2021

No participation fee is required.

The contributors will be given a participation e-certificate.