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May 07

Papers from graduate students and instructors from different universities will be presented in our Conference on Historicity and Literature.

Apr 15

Assistant Prof. Barry D. Stocker from the Department of Human and Society Sciences in İstanbul Technical University will give a speech on the connection of Philosophy and Literature. He will also share insights and information from his last book Philosophy of the Novel published in November 2018.

Apr 04

Poets coming from different countries will share their poetry in Offline Poetry Festival.

Anastasia Gavrilovici (Romania), Anat Zacharia (Israel), , Claudiu Komartin (Romania), Ivan Hristov (Bulgaria), Marko Pogacar (Croatia), Nia Davies (Wales), Phoebe Giannisi (Greece), Rhys Trimble (Wales)

Dec 13

German author Matthias Göritz will read from his latest novel, "Parker."

Gillian Alban from İstanbul Aydın University will give a talk about her new book "The Medusa's Gaze in Contemporary Women's Fiction: Petrifying, Maternal and Redemptive".

The talk will be held on October 19 between 14:00 and 16:00.