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The Masters’ Program in Financial Economics aims to provide students a strong background in the fundamentals of Finance and its applications, in the context of the increasing reliance on mathematical modeling, quantitative methods and innovative financial instruments and technological platforms. Students can follow career paths related to managerial or research positions in the industry, or can go on to obtain their doctoral degree geared towards academic research.


Maximum Time to Complete the Master's in Financial Economics Program

The Master's with Thesis Program must be completed in a maximum of 6 terms, including 4 semesters of courses and 2 semesters for thesis.

The Master's with Non-Thesis Program must be completed in a maximum of  3 terms, including 3 semesters of courses.


Requirements for Completion of the Master's in Financial Economics Program

To complete the The Master's with Thesis Program, 7 courses, 1 seminar, and a master's thesis must be passed.

To complete the The Non-Thesis Master's Program, 10 courses and a graduation project must be passed.


Please click here to access the information on the curriculum and minimum graduation requirements for the Master's with Thesis Program in Financial Economics.



Please click here to access the information on the curriculum and minimum graduation requirements for the Non-Thesis Master's Program in Financial Economics.


Vision and Mission



Our vision is to contribute to the efficient and ethical operations of highly-complex and interrelated markets that depend on sophisticated financial instruments and mathematical modeling in a manner that promotes sustainable socioeconomic development alongside a focus on the risk-return metrics, in line with current and long-term needs.



We aim to provide our students a knowledge of the intricacies of financial engineering and econometrics so that they can participate in existing financial markets and help develop future trends, keeping in mind the current and long-term needs of the various stakeholders, and have a sufficient theoretical and empirical background to continue onto a doctoral degree in related fields.




Our graduates should be well prepared for any of the following career paths, based on their interest:

1. A managerial or research position in a related field, in any commercial or government organization

2. A research-oriented or academic career through further education

3. Entrepreneurship, including advising or consulting firms



Application Requirements


Application Process

Candidates create a new user at http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/, access the online application form, fill out the form and make online applications to the Financial Economics Master's Program under Social Sciences Institute. Following applications, candidates are invited to an interview in September for the Fall semester, in January for the Spring semester and in June for the Summer semester. Successful candidates can start taking the department courses upon completion of their final registration provided that they meet the following conditions.


Admission Requirements

1. Having a bachelor's degree from a national or international university whose equivalence is accepted by the Turkish Council of Higher Education.

2. Having a minimum score of 55 from ALES in the program field for the Master's Program with Thesis. ALES exam results are valid for five years. ALES is not required in the Non-Thesis Master's Program (i.e., Master Program with Graduation Project). ALES is not required for foreign students.

3. Having a score of 55 from the YÖKDİL, YDS or E-YDS exams taken in the last five years for exemption from the English language exam, or 66 from the TOEFL IBT exam taken in the last two years. Applicants who are graduated from a Yeditepe University undergraduate program where the medium of instruction is English are exempt from the English proficiency exam. In addition, candidates who completed their undergraduate education in 100% English are also exempt from the English proficiency exam provided that they document that the medium of instruction was English in their undergraduate program. Candidates who do not have the above-mentioned language exam scores are required to enter the foreign language proficiency exams by our University and get a minimum of 50 points, and if they are not successful, they must continue the English Preparatory Program in order to start the program.


Documents Required for Final Registration

• Original and 2 Copies of Undergraduate / Graduate Diploma (Students who have completed their education abroad are additionally required to bring notarized Turkish translations of their documents.)

• Original and 2 Copies of Undergraduate / Graduate Transcript (Students who have completed their education abroad are required to bring notarized Turkish translations of their documents in addition.)

• ALES Result Document Output (ALES condition is not required in the Non-Thesis Master's Program). ALES is not required for foreign students.

• Language Exemption Certificate (YDS, YÖKDİL or TOEFL or Yeditepe Univ. English proficiency exam) (Those who fail the proficiency exam need to complete the English Preparatory Program)

• For Turkish Citizens with Foreign Diplomas: Equivalency Certificate from the Turkish Council of Higher Education

• Original Military Status Certificate. (Photocopy of the discharge certificate from those who have completed their military service.)

• Original and Photocopy of National Identity Card (Original and Photocopy of Passport and Residence Permit for Foreign Candidates)

• Certificate of Residence (e.g., E-Government Output)

• 4 Passport Photographs


Please click for online application 




Frequently Asked Matters


Frequently Asked Matters by Students Related to Their Master's Program:

  1. Students are required to successfully complete all curriculum courses except FE 599 Thesis  in maximum 4 semesters for the master's with thesis program and 3 semesters for the master's with graduation project program (a.k.a non-thesis master’s program). The program curriculum is available in the "About the Department" or "Courses" links on the program website. The compulsory courses titled FE 635 Research Methods and Ethics and FE 598 Financial Economics Seminar may be offered in both Fall and Spring Semesters. The other compulsory courses are offered either in only Fall or in only Spring as shown in the curriculum. For every semester, students will select all the courses shown for that semester in their curriculum. Students in the master's with thesis program may also spread their courses to  4 semesters, which is the maximum time allowed for them to complete the courses other than the thesis. In other words, the total course load (excluding the FE 599 Thesis course) for students in the master's with thesis program is 8 courses. These students can finish their 8 courses in two semesters by taking 4 courses per semester, or in four semesters by taking 2 courses  per semester. 

  2. Each student entering the program are provided with an OBS (student information system) userid and password, which are needed to access to the student system at obs.yeditepe.edu.tr, during the registration by the Institute. The OBS system also includes your student email and password. You should logon to your student email at webmail.yeditepe.edu.tr and activate it by clicking the activation link emailed to you. Please regularly check both your student email and your messages at OBS. Academic advisor messages are sent through OBS while general announcements, based on their nature, may be sent through OBS or the program website. You will use your student email and password to logon to the Yeditepe Moodle System (url address: yulearn.yeditepe.edu.tr) used for courses. Some courses may use Google Classroom while others may use the Yeditepe Moodle (Yulearn) System. At the beginning of each semester, each course instructor will provide you with the information regarding the platform used by that course either during the first class or by sending you an OBS message for that course. If you wish, you may download a phone app called Yeditepe, which will allow you to receive OBS messages in your phone. Guides for the OBS system (regarding Course Registration, Course Add-Drop, etc.) and for the Yeditepe Yulearn System are availabe within each system. Students are obliged to follow the course registration dates from the academic calendar every semester, register correctly for the courses they need to register on obs.yeditepe.edu.tr in a timely manner and fulfill the requirements for the courses they are registered for. Course registrations are subject to the approval of the academic advisor (and the Institute). During the add-drop period specified in the academic calendar, students have the opportunity to change the courses they choose at the beginning of the semester.  Student petitions sent using e-mail / phone / online message may not be delivered for technical reasons without warning to the sender. Therefore, you need to ensure that petitions you sent are received by the intended party.  The graduation petition should be sent to the academic advisor stated in your OBS.  All other petitions should be sent to the department secretary stated in the department website contact  page. Petitions related to your thesis including registration suspension/freeze should have your thesis advisor's approval signature. Before submitting the graduation petition, your final thesis defense should be successfully concluded  and your thesis grade should be entered in the OBS system by your thesis advisor

  3. Students of the Master's Program with Thesis, who successfully complete their courses other than FE 599 Thesis, have to start their thesis work, register for FE 599 every semester until they complete the program and are obliged to successfully complete their thesis in a way that does not exceed the maximum time spent in the program (i.e., maximum time to complete the entire program is six semesters).

  4. Students of the Master's Program with Thesis, who will start their thesis work, have to submit an official thesis application (by filling out the thesis application form with their thesis advisors) and enroll in the thesis course. Upon completion of their thesis, they also need to form a thesis defense jury. A Master's thesis defense jury consists of 3 people. At least one member other than the advisor must be a full time faculty member from another university. The other member may be from the student’s department, or from another department within the Yeditepe University, or from another University.

  5. Students of the Master's Program with Thesis, when they complete their thesis, they must make an appointment with the Social Sciences Institute Student Affairs to learn about the procedures for submission of their thesis and organization of their defense meeting: Students organize the date and time of their defense meeting by contacting their committee members. At least 2 months prior to their final thesis defense, students should make an appointment with the Yeditepe Writing Center to ensure their thesis format is as per the Institute requirements (Please see the Yeditepe University Writing Center website). Then, thesis advisors send the thesis to the Institute for a detailed similarity check, and after receiving the Institute's approval, students submit their final thesis defense petition, which includes their thesis title, details of the entire thesis defense committee, thesis defense date, time and location, to the Institute. Following the acceptance of their petition by the Institute, students can start their final preparations for the defense. Students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to each of their thesis defense jury members at least one month before their thesis defense date. On the day of the thesis defense the student obtains a thesis report form (Tutanak) from the Social Sciences Institute before the meeting starts and submits the completed form to the department secretary at the end of the meeting.  Students are required to bring a second form posted on this link to their final defense and forward it to the Social Sciences Institute Student Affairs at the end of the meeting after the committee members sign it.

  6. The student is obliged to enroll in the thesis course every semester (excluding the periods in which registration is suspended) until he/she is successful in their thesis defense.

  7. Students in the Master's with Thesis program can freeze their registration for maximum 2 semesters. They need to petition for the same at the beginning of each semester they want to freeze. Students in the Master's with  Non-Thesis program can freeze their registration for maximum 1 semester. 

  8. Non-thesis Master Program students can transfer to the Master’s Program with Thesis through a petition, if they wish so, and if they have completed the application requirements for that program.

  9. For graduation the minimum cumulative grade point average required is 2.50/4.00. Minimum passing grade for a course is CC. Students who get a grade below CC from a course at the end of a semester can take the make-up exam for that course at the end of that semester. The make-up exam of a course replaces the final exam of that course. If a course grade is below CC, that course must be repeated.

  10. In order to graduate  the minimum ECTS credits completed must be 120 ECTS in the Master with Thesis Program and 90 ECTS in the Non-Thesis Master Program. In order to reach the minimum ECTS totals required at graduation, students who select a course from the "elective" line should not choose courses with lower ECTS values ​​than those shown in their curriculum. Students in the Master with Thesis Program who successfully pass their final thesis defense should send a petition requesting their graduation to the department. Similarly, students in the Non-Thesis Master Program who successfully completed their course-work should send a petition requesting their graduation to the department.

  11. The above information is based on the relevant official regulations for graduate education and is provided to assist you as a preliminary step. However, there may be complications or time issues, and rules may change. Therefore, you must always confirm any information regarding your status, your specific time limiations, rights and obligations and other details related to your degree program with the Student Affairs at the Social Sciences Institute. Similarly, you must confirm any information regarding your tuition and other financial details with the Yeditepe University Financial Affairs (02165780000 - 1253/1264/1276). The original documents of official regulations and directives for the graduate education can be obtained from the University website or from Student Affairs of the Institute of Social Sciences.


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