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The main objectives of the Gastronomy and Culinary Culture Master's program are:

1. To ensure that culinary cultures are researched with scientific methods and that Turkish culinary culture is recorded;

2. In the light of the information obtained, to ensure that innovative production methods that can be applied without disturbing the cultural and traditional texture are researched in the academic environment in order to increase the sustainability and international recognition of Turkish culinary culture;

3. To train experts who have the necessary scientific and cultural equipment needed by the sectors operating in the food and beverage sector and gastronomy in Turkey.

Our department is the first and only undergraduate program in the field of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts from Turkey that has been accepted and signed a partnership with UNESCO's twin universities (UNITWIN) networks. It is among the missions of the program to produce scientific projects for the purpose of preserving the culinary culture and promoting it in the international arena and developing gastronomic tourism together with the graduate programs of other universities in partnership with the UNESCO/UNITWIN chair in question.

 Rapidly changing consumer behaviors, increasing consumer demand for new tastes, consumer awareness about health and nutrition, demand for certain food groups in the sector, and the development of food industry and technology cause an increase in competition in the food and beverage sector. In order to keep up with this rapidly increasing competition in the food and beverage industry, the industry needs to renew itself rapidly in parallel with this change, apply new techniques and develop new products that can meet the needs. With the courses planned for the "Innovative Food and Beverage Production", the Gastronomy and Culinary Culture Master's program, shaped in line with the vision of our Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department, which has patented the tarhana prepared for celiac patients by preserving the traditional production methods, the elements that can serve this purpose are equipped with a solid scientific and technological infrastructure. provides equipment.

 Gastronomy and Culinary Culture Master's program is open to professionals who work in different sectors related to the field of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, who want to renew and update their knowledge and at the same time specialize, and anyone who wants to develop their academic career in this field.