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About Department

The purpose of the Human Resources Management program is to have academic knowledge in sociological, analytical, legal and psychological issues, to interpret these concepts with a human resource management perspective, to perform basic human resource management functions, as well as to examine the social relationships and their social and individual effects. To train graduates who have the skills and qualifications to conduct research at the national and international level and to plan the manpower policies required for international competition and national development at the enterprise level.

Human Resources Management Graduate Program;

  • One-on-one personality test to all students with a personality inventory test
  • Training with our International Outdoor Training certified head of the department
  • Giving one to one coaching training (with 3-4 sessions) with our ICF certified trainer
  • The courses in the program are application-oriented,
  • Sharing people from business life in classes,
  • Having courses by emphasizing dynamic and analytical thinking skills,
  • Focusing on gaining competencies that will enable human resources to take place in strategic management,
  • There are lessons on learning the general responsibilities of a business other than Human Resources,
  • Finding lessons to use developing technology and to improve it,

adds difference with its features.


For Master Without Thesis

For Master With Thesis

Yeditepe Credits:


Yeditepe Credits:


Total ECTS:


Total ECTS:


Total Number of Courses:

10 Course +  Graduation Project

Total Number of Courses:

7 Courses +Seminar + Thesis


Please observe the following graduate programs according to the Regulation on Graduate Education published in the Official Gazette No. 29690 dated April 20, 2016.

  • The duration of the master's program with the thesis is four semesters, regardless of whether or not they have registered for each semester, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in, except for the period spent in scientific preparation.
  • At the end of four semesters can not complete the credit courses and seminar courses in the curriculum, or within this period can not fulfill the conditions of success/criteria foreseen by the higher education institution; within the maximum period, the student who fails the thesis or does not enter the defense of the thesis is dismissed from the higher education institution.
  • The period of completion of the master's program without thesis is at least two semesters and maximum three semesters regardless of whether or not they have registered for each semester, starting from the period in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled are given, excluding the period spent in scientific preparation. At the end of this period, the student who fails or fails to complete the program is dismissed from the higher education institution. Upon successful completion of the credit courses and term project, the student is awarded a master's degree without a thesis.
  • The duration of the scientific preparation program is two semesters at most. Summer education is not included in this period. This period cannot be extended except for semester leave and the student who is not successful at the end of the term is dismissed. The time spent in this program is not included in the periods of master or doctoral programs.

Guest Speakers and academicians teachers contributing to the Human Resources Management Master's program in 2019-2020;

Terms Of Application

  • Graduated from any department of a Higher Education Institution or a foreign higher education institution which is equivalent to YÖK.
  • To obtain at least 55 points from ALES (Entrance Examination for Graduate Studies) taken in the last five years,
  • ALES condition is not required for the non-thesis program.
  • To be able to pass the English Level Exam organized by Yeditepe University. Candidates who are successful in the level exam will be exempted from the English Preparatory Program and will start the courses directly. or 55 points from YDS and YÖKDİL entered in the last five years or 66 from TOEFL entered at least in the last two years.
  • Candidate students (with and without thesis) must add a reference letter from at least 2 people to the system.
  • Candidate students for the Master's Program with Thesis are required to write a letter that does not exceed one page about the thesis topics they want to study.
  • Candidate students (with and without Thesis) must add a letter of intent at least 1 page explaining why they chose this program.

Vision Mission


Reason for Opening of the Program: Human resources management is one of the most affected areas of the globalizing world. Understanding the importance of human beings in our world where changing company structures and talent battles take place and attributing the importance it deserves, brings the Human Resources Management Unit and Human Resources Managers to the forefront, and even carries them to the top management and decision centers of the enterprise. Human resources management of enterprises has an important role in strategic management and execution of decisions. The roles and effectiveness of the managers in this process have become increasingly important in revealing the differences and superiorities of the enterprises in the competition and at the same time ensuring the job satisfaction, loyalty and working peace of the employees. It is also expected that human resources staff will have the skills to help employees to maximize their performance as well as perform basic functions such as hiring, dismissal, and evaluating employees, and contribute to the success of these institutions. The Human Resources Management Master's Program aims to support those who want to pursue a career in this field, what are the new trends, what they should do and develop their competencies in strategic management in the enterprises.


This program aims to educate managers and academicians who are entrepreneurs, dynamic and analytical thinking, who are masters of comparative human resources management discipline, and to gain competencies that will enable human resources to take part in strategic management; this course aims to make human resources management ready for every level of business life by explaining the place, functions, and features of human resources management.

Saturday, 30 May, 2020 - 23:07
As the Human Resources Management Graduate Directorate, we would like to thank all our managerial friends as guest lecturers or guest speakers.