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About Department

The Graduate Program in Journalism is an interdisciplinary program that aims to equip the candidates (students), coming from various professional backgrounds, with national and international approaches and changing praxis in the field of media, especially journalism and digital journalism in the age of a fast information flow.




Vision Mission

The interoperability of a democratic social order depends on the existence of educated, qualified and responsible journalists. Thus, in modern societies, there is an increasing awareness of the role and effects of journalism and of obtaining information. Journalism is considered as a fast developing industry which responds to and is affected by the transmissions between the national/local and international/global media platforms, such as publication to media planning and/or financial management to product marketing.
The Graduate Program in Journalism is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the institutional and administrative aspects of journalism, applying different perspectives, techniques and methods taken from other diciplines. Furthermore, the graduate program integrates the profession of journalism to recent praxis in the field, considering technological developments, convergence, new media and digital media concepts. Although this program is of an interdisciplinary character, it is not an alternative to or supplement of another discipline.

The staleness and discredit crisis created by the media itself is a serious problem in different parts of society. A media worker, despite the fact that an action would be legal, must hold an ethical understanding enabling them to keep in mind that some actions would be the bases for complications within the institution or between the institution and society. As the social outcomes of the consumption of media products has great impact on all social platforms, one other aim of the Graduate Program for Journalism is to educate and bring forth the administrative candidates who will surpass the staleness and discredit crisis with the ability to realize the qualitative transformation having obtained prudence and knowledge.
Therefore, in this program, by educating candidates in the field of media in regards of media as industry, media planning and media law, we focus our attention on a media centred administration mentality. In this way, the program aims to make the students, who continue the program, to be competent enough to discuss the problems specific to the media, such as production and marketing media products, human resources, sales and distribution processes. Thus, candidates will have the opportunity to gain problem solving skills through obtaining mastery of a number of aspects of the media, such as creating and protecting a media establishment as a brand, and competing in the market. Candidates will benefit from the program as they will acquire problem solving skills.
The goal of the Graduate Program in Journalism is to help both professionals that work in the media sector and candidates of media administration that graduated from the departments of communication, media and law etc. To obtain enough skills and tools to enable themselves to understand legal, ethical, technological, economic and political dimensions of media administration, all of which are growing more complex at an increasing rate.
Students who will graduate from our program will be capable of understanding the basis of the media’s economic structure and marketing of media products, will acknowledge the process and problems of production and will make efficient use of human resources profiles and financial sources of the media establishment. Furthermore, they will be capable of working responsibly in the digital platforms. Through the program students will become skilful in the applications of digital journalism, and become journalists/managers with a vision.

Terms Application

Requirements for Application to the Graduate Program in Journalism:

  • Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  •  For Research Master’s degree programs (Master’s degree programs with thesis), the minimum required ALES score is 55. (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted). Candidates who do not have ALES certificate at the application date may register as a "Conditional student".
  • For English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 and the minimum required TOEFL score is 66 (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted).
  • Applicant must be successful in the science exam and the interview.