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About Department

The M.A. program in Radio Television and Cinema aims at an interdisciplinary approach in communication sciences. The program will focus on mass communication and media; and is designed towards the comprehension of political, aesthetic, social, cultural and economic layers of media and communication. The program focuses on the distinction between contemporary world and media, based on the critical thought traditions. It focuses on mass media, topics such as mass communication and strength of media, the role of visual and written messages in terms of power, cultural representation forms, popular culture and society, hegemonic and supressed groups' media relations which are taken into debate from a historical perspective.

By studying and analyzing several examples from television or film, and supporting them with research and /or creative work, the program combines theory and practice in a harmonious way. Accordingly, the core courses are based on theoretical approaches that enable inquiry and analysis of media, society and culture. The elective courses are designed to enable students who want to focus on a particular topic to deepen their knowledge of the subject.

The syllabus of the thesis program contains theoretical courses in cinema, television, communication, mass communication, media, art and culture. Students need to take courses which are

  • 5 Compulsory
  • 2 Area Elective
  • 1 Seminar (non-credit course)
  • Graduation Thesis

in order to graduate from master's program. Master's program would be completed with 120 ECTS credits. Except for the period of preparatory program, master's program is minimum 2 years (four semesters), maximum 3 years (six semesters) in length. Students who successfully complete their courses, graduate with a thesis.

Students who prefer the Master's program without thesis have to take additional courses from the thesis program courses. After the successful completion of the courses, students are eligible to graduate with a visual project in documentary, television or short film format.

Students who are not graduated from the faculty of communication and related departments of the faculty, are obliged to take the recommended scientific completion courses.

The Radio, Television and Cinema degree program accepts students from overseas as well as international students within the scope of the Erasmus program.


Vision Mission


To educate students with deep intellectual capacity who can comprehend a multi-faceted and critical look at cases, events and problems; to guide students, who have scientific and academic interest, towards academic life; to conducting research and other academic activities, which are consistent with these criteria.


To be a prominent institution on the national / international scale of the field, both in education and research.


Terms Application

Master’s Degree Programs Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  2. For Research Master’s degree programs (Master’s degree programs with thesis), the minimum required ALES* score is 55. (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted.)
  3. English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted), and minimum required TOEFL score is 66 that must be taken within the last two years.

Required Documents for Application*:

  1. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Two reference letters
  4. ALES document
  5. English language proficiency score
  6. Transcript

*ALES score is not required in our Non-Thesis Master's Program. The same documents are valid for our Thesis and Non-Thesis Master's Programs.


For detailed information about Radio, Television and Cinema Master Program Bologna Information Package; National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey (NQF-HETR) and the courses;

Non-Thesis Master's Program

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