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About Department

Radio, Television and Cinema Department Non-Thesis Master's Program aims to merge together practical and technical knowledge with theoretical background  in the field of media. In this context, the program has a content in which research and discussions are carried out on subjects related to directing, cinematography, sound design, cinema history or media theories. Students who graduate from the program gain a theoretical and critical perspective in addition to the technical knowledge they have learned on the functioning of production and production processes in media. In the Non-Thesis Master Program, meetings are organized with experts from the industry, where up-to-date information and discussions are on the agenda, and care is taken to ensure that theory and practice always support each other.

Unlike the thesis program, the content of the Radio, Television and Cinema Non-Thesis Master's Program is mostly designed for practice. The aim of the program is to encourage the students to experiment with original and creative approaches, to discover new ways to express their visions by designing audio-visual projects and to bring these projects to life. For these reasons, a program consisting of courses that will allow students to develop their technical competency and conceptual thinking abilities has been designed.

Students who choose the Non-Thesis Master’s Program, after successfully completing their courses at the end of two years of education, are entitled to graduate by producing an independent project in the field of audio-visual media in the format of documentary, television or short film.

Students need to take such courses as

  • 7 Compulsory
  • 1 Graduation Project
  • 3 Area Elective

in order to graduate from non-thesis master's program. Master's program would be completed with 120 ECTS credits. Except for the period of preparatory program, master's program is minimum 2 years (four semesters), maximum 3 years (six semesters) in length.




Terms Application


Term Application for Non-Thesis Master’s Program:

  1. Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  2. English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 and minimum required TOEFL score is 66 (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted.)
  3. ALES is not required for the non-thesis master's program.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Two reference letters
  4. English language proficiency score
  5. Transcript