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About Department

Within the scope of Visual Communication Design Master Program, students are provided with theoretical and practical content in the field of design and digital media to develop their knowledge and skills. Students who take an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of digital design, digital media planning and content development produce concrete and sustainable projects and gain experience in the field.

The program allows students to realize scientific and academic research in the field of visual communication design. Students who want to specialize in this area and acquire an academic achievement can work in the fields of design, media, culture and contemporary communication technologies by taking advantage of the interdisciplinary structure of visual communication design.

Graduation Requirements for The Thesis Master's Programme

Students who complete graduate education and training are required to obtain a total of 130  ECTS in order to graduate. After completing the course load, the thesis should be submitted in a subject to be determined under the supervision of the instructor. In addition, it is expected that the student who is accepted as a thesis will successfully present his work in front of the jury to be orally appointed. Gore graduation conditions: (6 Compulsory + 1 Elective + Seminar + Thesis).

Maximum graduation Time Master with Thesis : 4 semester courses + 2 semester thesis equals total of 6 semester.

Vision Mission


Within the framework of the master's program in Visual Communication Design, it is aimed that students use different media as a means of visual communication, to bring together different disciplines to produce conceptual, creative and innovative content. Our graduates are expected to contribute to academia through their academic and scientific studies in the field of Visual Communication Design, as well as to be in a leading position in the sector.


The Visual Communication Design Master Program has been taking responsibility of educating designers who are prone to design, are forward-thinking, creative and dominate digital technologies, and can be pioneers in both sectoral and academic fields.

Terms of Application

Application Process

  • Applications can be made through the Yeditepe University web page (www.yeditepe.edu.tr) > Graduate Schools > Graduate School of Social Sciences tab, Online Application link.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • For Research Master’s degree programs (Master’s degree programs with thesis), the minimum required ALES score is 55.
  • For English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 or 66 from TOEFL entered in the last two years.
  • Candidates who do not have scores for the exams mentioned in the above article should take the foreign language proficiency exams that will be conducted by our University and be successful. If they cannot, they must continue the English preparatory program in order to start the program. (Yeditepe University graduates are exempt from English proficiency.)

Acceptability Criteria

1. Ales Certificate

2. Letter of Intent

Questions to be answered in the letter of intent;

  • Why do you prefer this major?
  • What is your research topic planned for the thesis?
  • What do you plan to do after completing the program?
  • What do you believe this program will contribute to you?

3. CV

4. Transcript

5. Two Reference Letters



In today’s world where signs are omnipresent, it is crucial for visual communication designers to realize accurate and effective designs, to follow universal trends, to blend interaction and creativity together. Visual communication design, which considers each platform as a reciprocal communication process, adaptable to multimedia environment, brings together the area of communication, media, art and technology, is an innovative, interdisciplinary field that develops solutions for the visual needs of the 21st century.

Since 2002, the Master's Program of Visual Communication Design, which has taught students in that field, is a comprehensive and versatile thesis program. The program is divided into three basic areas as theoretical, practical and project courses.

In new communication era, the main aim of this program is to enable students to use different media as a visual communication tool, to benefit from different disciplines and to gain conceptual, intellectual and practical knowledge.


Within the framework of the graduate program, while a theoretical basis of design, media and digital media cultures are provided, projects and applications improve students' knowledge and skills. Students, who have an interdisciplinary approach to digital design, digital media planning and management, gain experiences on the field with their tangible and sustainable projects.

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