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About Department

The new global business environment is reshaping multi-dimensional business relationships while simultaneously increasing the demand for new management competencies. In this context, Yeditepe MBA has been restructured in comparison to international programs. This aims to enhance our students' core managerial competencies through mandatory program courses, while also offering a rich array of specialization areas within the MBA program to meet our students' diverse career needs.

Within the ecosystem of Istanbul, which has gained the status of an international regional business hub, our students who position or aspire to position their professional lives in multinational companies, as well as those who are motivated to start their own businesses, have the opportunity to receive privileged managerial competency education.

Our Yeditepe MBA program strikes a balance between theory and practice in graduate education with competent faculty members who have different areas of expertise and experience in business and management. Internationalization is considered a significant lever for our MBA program, and our students' competencies are enhanced through international summer schools and exchange programs.

Given the exponential increase in the speed and density of information obsolescence, the competency of "learning to learn" is in a privileged position for a competitive manager. With this expectation, our focus is on enabling our students to acquire contemporary management techniques, methods, and resources while learning strategic, innovative, systemic, and critical thinking disciplines for their success in the global business world.

Yeditepe MBA, with nearly 4,000 graduates since 1997, has a strong history of graduate education in the field of business. Our program offers classes on weekdays in the evening provide opportunities for our students who have already established themselves in their professional lives and are preparing for higher-level management positions. The accreditation of our program is the success of our graduates in their professional lives.

Vision Mission


The MBA program prepares our graduates to become competent global managers and leaders of integrity who add value and contribute to the socio-economic development of our community and society.


The core mission of Yeditepe MBA programs is to provide our students with the latest required managerial knowledge, tools and techniques; educate our students to acquire broad managerial skills and competencies to support their successful careers in the global business environment; help them become competitive and entrepreneurial managers and leaders with their strategic and systems thinking abilities; and help them acquire learning to learn skills and ethical and social responsibility values.

Terms Application

Entrance Requirements:

The candidates are expected to have;

• A four year university degree from Turkish University or an equivalent degree received from a abroad university endorsed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) of Turkey,

• A minimum score of 55 (equal weight) from the Turkish Academic and Graduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES) only for MBA with thesis (Turkish candidates),

• English proficiency exam scores of minimum 55 from YDS, 66 from TOEFL, 55 from YOKDİL or a passing grade (50) from Yeditepe University proficiency examination.

The candidates who cannot meet English proficiency requirements can apply for the English preparation program.

Documents Required for Final Registration 

The candidates who meet the entrance requirements need to submit following documentation for registration.

  • A copy of Bachelor Diploma (Notarized Turkish translation of their documents)
  • Transcript (Notarized Turkish translation of their documents)
  • ALES exam result (not required for non-thesis master program)
  • English language exemption certificate (YDS, YÖKDİL or TOEFL)
  • Equivalency Diploma Certificate approved by YÖK (for Turkish Citizens who study abroad)
  • ID card / Passport ( Original and a copy)
  • Certificate of Residence
  • 4 Passport Photos
  • Deferred from military service or certificate of exemption from military service (for Turkish male citizens who study abroad)






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