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You can apply to the Counseling and Coordination Unit for Students with Disabilities at the points you need support due to your disability engelsiz@yeditepe.edu.tr
Course Year: 1
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
MBA 520 Financial Management Core
MBA 510 Financial Reporting Core
MBA 550 Graduation Project Core
MBA 530 Marketing Management Core
MBA 502 Modern Management Perspectives Core
FEAS 501 Research Methodology & Ethics Core
- Free Elective - 1 Free Elective
- Free Elective - 2 Free Elective
- Department Elective - 1 Area Elective
- Department Elective - 2 Area Elective
- Department Elective - 3 Area Elective
- Department Elective - 4 Area Elective
Course Year: Elective
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Program Type Course Type
MBA 508 Advanced Entrepreneurship (KOSGEB) Elective
MBA 513 Auditing Elective
MBA 533 Brand Management Elective
MBA 503 Business Policy & Strategic Management Elective
MBA 532 Consumer Behavior Elective
MBA 521 Corporate Finance Non Thesis Elective
MBA 506 Corporate Governance Elective
MBA 511 Cost Accounting Elective
MBA 531 Digital Marketing Elective
MBA 507 Entrepreneurship Elective
MBA 522 Financial Institutions and Markets Elective
MBA 514 Financial Reporting Standards Thesis, Non Thesis Elective
MBA 535 International Marketing Management Thesis, Non Thesis Elective
MBA 523 Investment Analysis&Portfolio Management Elective
MBA 505 Leadership Elective
MBA 512 Managerial Accounting Elective
MBA 504 Organizational Behavior Non Thesis Elective
MBA 540 Production and Operations Management Elective
MBA 541 Project Management Elective
MBA 534 Services Marketing Thesis, Non Thesis Elective