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GRA 604
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Course Objectives: 

This course aims to encourage students to unite their design knowledge, creativity and skills for conceptualizing through experimental design projects.

Course Content: 

This is a course for graphic arts and experimental projects in terms of creativity. Students make research about a specific problem and work on the creative problem solving tasks. They present the research and design outcomes with their design rationale. Besides, students are encouraged to participate in national and international graphic design and art competitions/exhibitions. Students gain entrepreneurship skills for art and design field as well as an artistic experience and they present their works with exhibitions. 

Teaching Methods: 
1 Lecture 2:Problem Solving 3:Discussion
Assessment Methods: 
A: Exam , B:Assignment C: Presentation

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Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Program Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
To gain the ability to solve design problems 6, 8 1,2,3 A,C
To develop original artistic expression styles 1, 5 1,2,3 A,C
To be able to use different materials in order to produce creative solutions in design process 7, 8  1,2,3 A,C
To have knowledge about research methods and techniques 3, 10 1,2,3 A,C

Course Flow

Week Topics Study Materials
1 To give information about the projects  
2 Discussing about the methods to create new ideas on the topic  
3 Presentation of appropriate materials  
4 Design expriments with the various materials  
5 Design expriments with the various materials  
6 Working with colors  
7 Working with colors  
8 Mid-term  
9 Discussing the problems of access to simplicity  
10 Combining traditional materials with technological equipments  
11 Combining traditional materials with technological equipments  
12 Creating digital artworks  
13 Preparing projects for exhibitions and competitions.  
14 Presentations  


IN-TERM STUDIES Quantity Percentage
Mid-Term 1 %20
Seminar and Presentation 3 %10
Project 3 %10
Final Exam 1 %60
Total   %100
Contribution of fınal examination to overall grade   %60
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade   %40
Total   %100

Course’s Contribution to Program

No Program Learning Outcomes Contribution
1 2 3 4 5  
1 Ability to develop courage to search and try to creative design solutions as well as the functional purposes.     x      
2 Awareness of professional responsibility to create designs considering cultural and individual needs of the audience.         x  
3 Gain ability to conduct research, to create theoretical knowledge, and to make suggestions.         x  
4 Ability to produce texts in academic formats.         x  
5 Gain competence at the level of expertise in art and design related fields.         x  
6 Ability to develop design projects by knowledge and skills in the field of design with a critical approach.       x    
7 Ability to use technological equipments required by the field in advanced level.         x  
8 Follows the current information about design culture, and adapts them to the projects.         x  
9 Gain ability to the conduct interdisciplinary projects in the chosen field.       x    
10 Ability to do extensive reading in design related fields.         x  


Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Workload (Hour)
Course Duration 14 3 42
Hours for off-the-classroom study 14 20 280
Seminar and Presentation 3 30 90
Project 3 40 120
Mid-term Exam 1 40 40
Final 1 40 40
Total Work Load     612
Total Work Load / 25 (h) ECTS Credit of the Course     20,40
ECTS Credit of the Course     20