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Application Requirements

Eligible candidates must

- graduate from the MA Programs of the universities in Turkey or the universities abroad that are accepted by YÖK. Candidates must take two exams that are administered by the Modern Turkish Literature Program, one written, one oral. Whether a candidate is required to take Scientific Preparation Courses is determined according to the results of the written and oral exams.

- have a score of at least 55 from ALES (validity period of which is five years), and to be exempt from the English language test (administered by Yeditepe University), candidates must have a score of 55 at minimum from either YÖKDİL or YDS tests in the last five years, or a TOEFL score of 66 in the last two years.

- present their statement of purpose, and

- arrange for two reference letters to be submitted to the Department of Turkish Language and Literature.

(Candidates are also required to bring their master's theses to the interview)

Doctoral Program in Modern Turkish Literature - Applications in 2019  / EXAM SCHEDULE

Modern Turkish Literature Doctoral Program can be applied all year round. Applications can be made online at the Institute of Social Sciences website.  Candidates who apply online should submit their ALES (or equivalent Language Test scores), their undergraduate and MA transcripts, and CVs to the following e-mail addresses:


Candidates should also indicate in their e-mail when they will take the exam. Those who take the exam in October, November, December, January or February, and admitted to the program may begin in the Spring Semester; those who take the exam in March, April, May, June or September, and admitted to the program may begin in the Fall Semester


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