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EMBA 598
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Course Objectives: 

The goal of this course is to emphasize the importanvce of scientific research and enable students to make business decisions using scientific research techniques. The aim will be to enhance students' understanding of the potential ethical issues facing managers in modern organizations, the ethical dilemmas which can present themselves and to suggest ways in which these dilemmas might be more effectively dealt with in the practical situation.

Course Content: 

Understanding the framework for scientific thinking and inference as well as the processes for the development of the scientific research will establish the particular focus of the course. In this regard, the course will start with the question “What is Science?” and we will look at the competing theories and paradigms that deal with the question. We will than continue with plagarism and ethics issues in scientific research. In this course we will also focus on how to make scientific inference. The analysis of descriptive and causal inference will be followed by different types of research. We will than move to issues of research question, literature review, hypothesis formulation and research design. In the final two weeks of the course, through the examination of actual resarch projects, we will be able to evaluate the formulation of scientific thinking as well as the development of research processes in scientific articles

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