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EMBA 504
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Course Objectives: 

This course has been designed to provide the graduate students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of strategic management and managerial policy concepts, techniques and methodologies, to develop the necessary conceptual and analytical skills to collect and analyze data, to make rational and strategic decisions, and to integrate and apply the previously learned and accumulated knowledge to deal with the complex business problems through case analyses and a simulation exercise.

Course Content: 

This course considers to develop skills and competencies  in understanding and applying the latest strategic insights, models, and approaches; planning applicable ideas for leveraging their firms’ capabilities and innovative ways to capitalize on current opportunities and choices about the future nature and direction of your organization; clarifying mission, vision, values and direction of strategy, setting strategic objectives, establishing success criteria, listing priority areas for action and developing objectives; assessing the benefits and risks of implementing the strategy; understanding the key factors involved in implementing strategy, action planning tools such as logical frame working, action planning grids and planning wheels, communicating strategic plan; undertaking effective monitoring and evaluation for execution; recognizing emergent approaches to monitoring and evaluation such as participatory, real-time, balanced scorecard.

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