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Cognitive Science Master’s Program at Yeditepe University is accepting applications for Fall 2023!


Deadline for application is June 16th, 2023. You have to submit all of your documents through the online application (except for reference letters, you may make your referrers send them via e-mail to one of our professors and/or assistants) at ISS website (http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/).

To be able to eligible to attend the interview, prospective students will take a written examination on June 19th, 2023 at Yeditepe University. Applicants will be informed regarding the time of the exam. 

The applicants should submit the following documents before deadline:

Application Documents

1) Two reference letters
2) Statement of purpose (Maximum 600 words)
3) Curriculum vitae
4) Transcript
5) ALES or GRE score

Applicants who fill out the online application at ISS website (http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/) will be provided the instructions with an invitation email.



*Interviews for Cognitive Science Master's Program admissions are held thrice a year:
Fall semester interviews are held in June and September, and Spring semester interviews are held in February.