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Yeditepe University, Cognitive Science Master's Program Thesis Defence

Cognitive Science Master's Program student Khaled Al-Kamha will defend his thesis, titled, "Motion Perception in Multiclustered Environments", on 12.12.2019.

Khaled Al-Kamha
Thursday Dec 12th, 09:30
A-412 Engineering Building

Motion Perception in Multiclustered Environments

Selective attention plays role in motion perception while focusing on a particular object in the environment. When we are asked to pool information our of a stimulus, we etiher attend on some features involuntarily due to their saliency, or we voluntarily attend on features based on our goals while navigating the environment. In ensemble perception –which is human’s ability to extract a statistical summary information out of group of similar objects– we group objects based on their identity and location aspects. In this thesis, we focused on attentional processing in multiclustered environments. Similar stimulus features are calculated both for the individual objects and clusters (e.g. size, eccentricity, density) . We found a main effect of the target size and the average eccentricity of the clusters on performance. We also found a significant effect of the number of clusters and objects on performance. However we failed to find an interaction between these independent variables. This suggests that the stimulus parameters we extracted could both partially explain the outcome of the task but have a competing priority to explain the variance of the outcome at different parametric intervals. We suggest that both bottom-up and top-down attentional mechanisms could be used to interpret the outcomes of multiclustered 2D scenes in motion.

Keywords: Motion Perception, Ensemble Perception, Attention


You are all cordially invited.

Ne Zaman:: 
Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 - 09:30