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You can apply to the Counseling and Coordination Unit for Students with Disabilities at the points you need support due to your disability engelsiz@yeditepe.edu.tr
Course Year: 1
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
ACM 597 Graduation Project Core
ATD 501 Managing Change in Organizations Core
ATD 590 Scientific Research Methods and Publication Ethics Core
ACM 598 Seminar Core
ACM 501 Technical Foundations of Business Information Systems Core
ACM 599 Thesis Core
Course Year: Elective
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
ATD 513 Current Topics in Workplace Behaviour Elective
ACM 514 Data Mining and Knowledge Acquisition Elective
ACM 502 Database Management Systems Elective
ATD 514 Decision Theory Elective
ACM 512 E-Business Management Elective
ATD 515 Human Capital Strategies Elective
ATD 511 Innovation and Knowledge Management Elective
ACM 511 Network and Web Applications in Information Systems Elective
ACM 513 Project Management in MIS Elective
ATD 502 Strategic Management Elective