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About Department


      The objective of the Philosophy Graduate Program, which has started education by  the 2002-2003 Academic Year, is to provide the students with the possibility to specialize in one of the core areas of philosophy along with broadening  their intellectual horizons through the courses they select outside their  area of specialization, and to enable them to understand and analyze philosophical texts in their original language. The Department seeks to provide the students with the best tools in terms of ancient, classical and modern languages, to be able to study the history of philosophy and related areas as well as Continental Philosophy and the middle ground between Continental and Analytic Philosophy which tends to  dominate current discussions in contemporary philosophy.

      We aim to provide our graduate students with the best possible learning environment in which to pursue philosophical study and research. For that aim we are working in collaboration with the university library to make a wide range of philosophy books (translations and original texts), journals and online-databases available for our staff members and students for their research. Students are encouraged to attend the Philosophy Department Seminars, which provide an occasion to hear both external visiting speakers and internal speakers from the faculty. Yeditepe’de Felsefe: Philosophy at Yeditepe is our refereed annual year-book registered in the International Philosopher’s Index which is prepared by the faculty. It facilitates the communication with researchers in the field and offers our graduate students a valuable chance to partake themselves. 

      The students are required to take four courses each semester, two of which will be elected from at least one of the three areas of specialization:,

  1. Metaphysics/Epistemology/History of Philosophy;
  2. Logic/Philosophy of Science/ Philosophy of Language;
  3. Ethics/Aesthetics/Political Philosophy.

The graduate courses are bilingual (in both English and Turkish) and each course includes intensive seminar studies. Course evaluations are through research papers and/or written examinations.


Vision Mission





The aim of the MA Program in Philosophy is to provide students with an expertise in one of the main disciplines of philosophy and to qualify them so that they can contribute to Turkish philosophical language, national and international philosophical studies.


The MA Program in Philosophy has the objectives of providing its students with the ability to analyze, understand and interpret philosophical questions and gaining a philosophical insight.







Terms of Application

- Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.

- For Research Master’s degree programs (Master’s degree programs with thesis), the minimum required ALES score is 55. 

- For English language proficiency, the minimum required YOKDIL,YDS score is 55 and minimum required TOEFL score is 66 (Test results older than five years from the date of the application are not valid and will not be accepted).


To be able to get the M.A. degree in Philosophy, the students must take courses which add up at least to 21 credits (the courses taken in the Remedial year are not included) and must write a thesis dissertation which satisfies the requirements given in the regulations of Yeditepe University; and finally, must be successful in defending their dissertations.

It is also possible to do non-thesis Philosophy Graduate Programme. The students are required to take 10 courses, consisting of 4 compulsory and 6 elective, and graduation project to complete the programme.






Please click for the Bologna Info-Package of the Philosophy Ph.D Program. 

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Bologna Process Coordinator for the Philosophy Department:

Dr. Melike DURMAZ

e-mail: melike.durmaz@yeditepe.edu.tr