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You can apply to the Counseling and Coordination Unit for Students with Disabilities at the points you need support due to your disability engelsiz@yeditepe.edu.tr
Course Year: 1
Course Period: Autumn
Course Code Course Name Course Type
Plas 503 Life Drawing and Composition I Core
PLAS501 Painting I Core
PLAS 523 Art Criticism I Elective
PLAS 511 Etching I Elective
Plas 513 Lytography I Elective
PLAS 515 Serigraphy Elective
PLAS 517 Video Art I Elective
Course Period: Spring
Course Code Course Name Course Type
PLAS 504 Life Drawing and Composition II Core
PLAS 502 Painting II Core
PLAS 595 Seminar Core
PLAS 512 Etching II Elective
PLAS 514 Lythography II Elective
PLAS 518 Video Art II Elective