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Course Year: 1
Course Period: Autumn
Course Code Course Name Course Type
PRP 501 Advanced Communication Theory Core
COMM 560 Communication Research and Scientific Ethics Core
PRP 502 History, Theory and Practice of PR Core
Course Year: 2
Course Period: Spring
Course Code Course Name Course Type
PRP 508 Corporate Communications Core
PRP 528 New Global Approaches in PR Core
COMM 580 Seminar Core
Course Year: Elective
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
PRP 511 Advanced Case Studies in PR Elective
PRP 509 Advanced Promotional Writing Elective
PRP 527 Campaigns and Strategy Management Elective
PRP 540 Crisis Communication Elective
PRP 521 Global Relations and Intercultural Communication Elective
PRP 542 Health Communication Elective
PRP 506 History of Communication Elective
PRP 534 Managing Media Relations Elective
PRP 525 Public Opinion and Public Policy Elective
PRP 526 Special Topics in Communication Studies Elective