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The Ph.D. Program in Political Economy is designed for students who want to have a better understanding of the problems of the world and the country they live in, and who want to contribute to the solutions advanced for these problems. The aim of the program is to equip students with the understanding, technical and analytical skills to act as opinion makers in the solution of such problems. The program claims to be unique for students who see economics as a social science and who want to develop their economic understanding in a way different from the mainstream approaches. In providing alternative solutions to social problems, an interdisciplinary approach is adopted in the program; combining economics with sociology, political science, history and philosophy. After taking standard courses that can be found in any Ph.D. program, students complete their academic formation by taking courses like History of Economic Analysis, Method in Economics, Sociology of Economics and Economic Development, that cannot be found in mainstream programs. They then turn to courses that they can specialize in, like Gender Inequality, Urbanization and Urban Transformation, Problems of Income Inequality, Global Warming, and Environmental Problems. These courses on such vitally important social and economic issues will turn the Ph.D. Program in Political Economy into a unique experience for the students, which they will not be able to find in any other program.