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EMBA 507
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Human capital is becoming increasingly important to business success. Hence, future organization leaders must be as adept at competing for talent and building and deploying talent resources. Students aspiring to become management executives will find this class useful in providing sound principles of human capital to make better decisions about the talent in their organizations. Leaders must connect the investments in human capital management (such as training, leadership, career development, staffing and organizational design) to the critical pivot points that affect the organization’s strategic success. They must learn to achieve organizational success by skillfully using the leverage provided by human capital management. Human capital leaders act as partners in talent decisions, working with business executives to affect the core mission and strategic outcomes of their organization. This course proceeds from the premise that managers must learn to enhance their decisions about human capital in their respective organizations.

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Attracting, selecting and retaining talent, performance management and measurement of talent, career management, succession planning, compensation management, motivating and rewarding employees

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